Unique Investment Opportunities

1. IPO of Eco Energy Supplier with substantial equity kicker

Batavia has an unique equity investment opportunity in a Swiss company that aims to be the largest Eco Energy supplier of Eastern Europe.

This company uses windmill parks to generate energy for the grid.

The contemplated listing of its shares is at the stock exchange of Munich, Germany which will provide pre-listing equity investors with a substantial equity kicker within a short period of time!

Attached is the IPO corporate presentation.

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2. CTS: Sustainable Product Solution “CombiFuel”

CTS has set itself the goal of creating sustainable product solutions that generate both lasting positive effects for the environment and high customer benefits. At the same time, a clear contribution to the agreed climate targets is to be made. Since 2017, the company has already developed prototypes for two world novelties in conjunction with its subsidiaries. Together, they have the potential to exert a disruptive influence on existing markets with very high volumes. Both novelties have been filed for patent worldwide. A patent evaluation carried out by independent experts in 2020 confirmed the high innovative strength of both world novelties and showed a value in the double-digit million range in CHF.

World novelty No. 1: «CombiFuel®» is a newly developed alternative powertrain system that can be applied to almost all existing diesel or gasoline (petrol) engines. Compared to existing diesel or gasoline engines, CombiFuel® enables its customers to save up to 50% of their fuel costs (depending on price level per country) and also to eliminate up to 95% of selected vehicle emissions (depending on engine & fuel combination, emission type and exhaust emission standard). CombiFuel® is therefore THE solution to the widely discussed diesel and emissions problem. CombiFuel® solutions can handle high performance requirements even under full load (unlike e-vehicles). The technology ensures today‘s mobility requirements and protects investments made (keywords: possible driving bans, CO2 penalty taxes, etc.).

World novelty No. 2: The „FAAFS® (Fully automated ampoule filling system)“ is a fully automated filling station for liquefied gas cylinders, which enormously reduces the value chain for the provision of the respective gas. This leads to an ecological supply, as well as to a considerable cost reduction and faster handling for the end customer. In addition, FAAFS® has an integrated vehicle refueling system (from cars and LCVs, all the way to trucks), which completes the synergy effects with CombiFuel®. Implementation: The business opportunities for both world novelties represent a unique and highly scalable business model that can be applied in various markets. Since CombiFuel® can be used in various segments (from small cars to 40-ton trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, from sport boats to cruise ships or ferries, in biogas plants, forklifts, power units, etc.), the market volume is virtually unlimited. At the beginning of its market activities, CombiFuel® will focus on the segment of commercial and fleet vehicles. FAAFS® can be used in all markets where gas is used. Since it enormously streamlines the supply and sales processes (significant reduction in warehousing and personnel deployment) in gas sales, FAAFS® is of great interest to gas distributors in particular. Improved logistics (especially due to the elimination of double storage) and modular installation options also ensure new areas of application (e.g. in road construction) and enable the acquisition of new customer groups (e.g. campsites, balloonists, caterers, roofers, etc.). Both technologies are expected to enter the market in 2022, after completion of the necessary certifications and approval processes. In order to ensure a qualitative and sustainable supply chain, CTS has already discussed production volumes, pricing and capacities with suppliers through its subsidiaries in Germany. In-depth discussions with market participants also confirm the potential of both innovations and indicate a high demand from the market.

CTS is looking for strategical and financial partners (Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil) who would like to support the subsidiaries in achieving their goals. The business plan of the companies envisages that positive operating cash flows will be achieved as early as 2022 and that the profit zone can thus be reached quickly thanks to excellent margins. With its currently applicable solutions, CTS aims to make a significant contribution to global climate protection goals and social peace, while at the same time achieving a positive and sustainable return on investment for its investors.

Note: IPO is scheduled for 1st half of 2023.

Attached is the Product presentation.

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3. Purchase Order Gold

Batavia purchases Gold under the following terms and procedures:

Commodity: All interest in AU Gold as Certified by Buyer’s Assay at the described refinery.

Quantity: Any quanitity that complies with our terms and conditions.

Net Purchase Price: 93% of the London Set Price for the Net Gold result of Assay to 99.9999% Bullion Purity.

Refinery: Valcambi Refinery, Balerna, Switzerland.

Date of Assay: Within 5-10 days from the date of acceptance.

Payment at Closing: Payment in full upon closing.

Financing: None, payment within 24 hours of assay.

Title: Seller to provide clear, marketable and complete title to buyer.

Formal Contract: To be formalized with all Transaction Documents within 5 days of the acceptance of our PO and Seller agrees to not negotiate or engage other Buyers for a period of 10 days after the agreement is signed, as a binding “no shop” ad quiet period.

4. Innovative Compressed Air Energy Storage!

For renewable energy to be viable in the long-term the excess power needs to be stored for later use, which requires a system with a large storage capacity to meet the demands of the customers and this is especially required when the production of the windmill parks is higher than the demand of electricty.

Batavia has direct access to the technique of the Compressed Air Energy Storage for the storage of excess energy.

This technique uses the underground space left by salt solution mining, called salt caverns, with the technology of Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS), resulting in a system which can store energy with mnimal construction, minimal surface impact and minimal investment costs.

The salt formation itself actually provides the most advantageous form of storage because it actually is fairly tightly packed so there is not a lot of leakage of the air. It sort of bends and expands as you inject and extract the air.

This technique enables companies that have the above-ground technologies to supply electricity at grid scale to join forces with a company that has the below-ground technologies necessary to store energy at utility scale.

At charge, electrical energy is stored in mechanical form by compressing air, and stored in (commonly) salt caverns.

At discharge, electricity is regenerated by using the compressed air to drive a turbo-expander/turbine.

Typically, the power range of CAES systems is between 100-500MW, and the duration over which this power can be delivered ranges from hours to a day, i.e., they operate on intra-daily to daily cycles.

Geomechanical numerical simulations that were done in this project show that the pressure and temperature effects of this fast-cyclic injection and withdrawal of air do not jeopardize cavern stability and integrity.

Batavia has direct access to the technique of the Compressed Air Energy Storage for the storage of excess energy.

Note: Do not hesitate to contact us if you have the tailor made puzzle piece for either one of the above investment opportunities!